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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Your Unique Opportunity to Sponsor and Lift up a Needy Child

Updates on Jan. 12/2010: Haiti is the land of unlimited opportunities -i.e.- opportunities to reach out to needy Haitian children made orphans and shelterless by the earthquake's devastation

Updates on 2-2-10: To Sponsor a child in Haiti is to send money to the child so he/she can be fed, go to school and receive some basic care.
The amount you want to send may vary between $30 to $60 per month.

Keep in mind that the child will continue to live in Haiti. You are not going to sponsor him/her to come to the United States or other countries.

Read on......

How many needy Haitian children can you sponsor? Just start with one!
Sponsorandfeedachild Program
( has a list of needy
children who are waiting for somebody to give them a helping hand.
Maybe all you can afford to sponsor is one child. That is what
Sponsorandfeedachild is all about. It is a tangible way for us,
concerned parents, to reach out and show our own children how we can
help someone else in the world.

The harsh economic and political situation that Haiti has been going
through for the past decades has undoubtedly prevented many parents
from feeding and sending their children to school. I was in Haiti a
few months ago and witnessed the deplorable human conditions! Some of
the parents may resort to placing their kids with more well-off family
members or friends who may be able to raise them. Others who are in
more desperate situations may end up unknowingly giving up their kids
to "child slavery" where abuse and an uncertain future await them.

As recently reported by ABC News, Child Slavery flourishes where high
illiteracy rates, lack of education and social services exist. As a
poor country, Haiti meets all the conditions for this type of
exploitation. Where else have you heard about parents feeding "mud
cakes or mud cookies" to their hungry children?

Through SponsorandFeedachild Fund, you can make the difference in a
child's life. You can prevent one child from knowing this type of
depravity and misery. Educating and/or feeding a Haitian child will
be greatly appreciated.

We accept your free email questions

If you want to sponsor a child, visit or write to us at

Servant Leader

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