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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Haitian Taste Testers Want Burger King's Ad Campaign To Try Their Virgin Territory

Burger Kings takes the battle of whopper vs. Big Mac on this website showing various groups people tasting the big whopper. The idea is that Burger King goes a long way to find virgin tasters of the whopper. A romanian woman, another old lady and three Hmongs star in this commercial. Their goal is taste the whoppers.

Hmong taste testers have a good chance of choosing the whopper over McDonald's Big Mac.
What are other bloggers saying about this experiment in virgin taste?

"The No 2 burger-maker in the US asked farmers in the Transylvania region of Romania, the Hmong tribe of Thailand, and other folks in far-flung places to sample its Whopper alongside McDonald's Big Mac and declare the winner."

A blogger on Walletpop wrote: "What might irk people is the concept that Burger King is taking its fat-laden fast food to people who aren't used to this stuff in their diets, who aren't usually subject to our crass commercials, and who probably don't really care too much."

Burger King said it approaches this project with great care. It wants to respect the cultures it is using in this ad campaign.

While we are at it, the music is catching too.

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