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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Updates: Leogane, Fauche, Grand-Goave and Petit-Goave Were Affected: Casualties and Destruction of Property

Picture Updates of the Areas Noted below: Posted on 1-14-10

According to some of my friends who have established contact with their family members via digicel, the very southern part of the country was not heavily affected. However, the effects or impact of the quake will be felt all over the country. If the head is sick, the rest of the body is also sick. Haiti has a centralized system of government. Everything happens in Port-Au-Prince. People travel from all the country to come to P-A-P.

The businesses, churches, orphanages located in Gressier, Leogane, Fauche, Grand-Goave, Petit-Goave were affected as those located near Port-au-Prince.

Updates and Comment as of 1-14-10

According to eyewitnesses based in Petit-Goave, the hospital suffered damages just like any other buildings around town. From Leogane, Grand-Goave, Petit-Goave and Miragoane, mostly coastal cities, damages are recorded. We still do not know the extent of the damages to private residences and public hospitals, schools and churches. In Leogane, Grand Goave, and Petit-Goave, some casualties are recorded. Churches and private residences collapsed.


  1. hi thats me jybson fortune son of grand goave i'm so sory for what happen to us but i hope god will talk with us soon please tell all the people in grand goave haiti we still love all of u

  2. please people in grand goave haiti need food they need medical assistant and water

  3. we need a lot help in grand goave and petit goave and miragoane they need food and medical please send some help for all those pleople in grand goave and petite goave and miragoane

  4. hi thats me jybson fortune we need a lot of help in grand goave haiti we need food whater ,,people grand goave god still love you and me jybson fortune i still love you to

  5. Hello Jybson,

    thanks for writing here. Thanks for sharing the needs. Grand Goave residents are suffering. The aftershocks continued. They are bad for the old people. They need everything. Thanks for dropping by here. Grand Goave for GG.

    Come back again!