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Sunday, December 6, 2009

A Testimonial: Speaking on Behalf of Needy Haitian Children and Students

Boy condemned to live in abject poverty if he is not lucky enough to get some help! Will you help him today?

My greatest joy has been to receive invitations to talk to local organizations and churches about the plight of hunger in Haiti. I never turn down an opportunity to share with people interested in finding out a way to help others. After leaving the country for close to 18 years, last year, I decided to go back and reconnect with the people.

I was not ready to live what I observed during my visit. I felt like I was getting numb by the minutes in front of the immensity of needs I encountered. I met school-age children who were not in school. Up to this day, I remained haunted by the above picture. This boy was not in school when he should have been. I managed to contact his parents who said that they can not afford to send him to school. School is not free in Haiti. Books and Uniforms costs are prohibitive for most parents. The father of this boy has not been working for more than 10 years. In fact, he is bed-ridden. This kid is condemned to hard labor all of his life if he does not get an education.

If anybody wants to help us help this boy, aged 7 years, we would greatly appreciate it.

Please make sure to let us know whether your donation should go to a child, a school or a teacher or a family in need! On this site, the needs of kids come first.

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