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Tuesday, November 4, 2008 Publishes Graphic Pictures of Young Haitian Victims by Last Hurricanes

In one of the pictures posted by Deborah Ecklund, a malnourished kid is seen posing for a picture. There are millions of kids like that one. Months after the hurricane, these kids are still waiting for help from the International community. They are still without food, drinkable water, a roof over their head, and a blanket. Many people are willing to help, but do not know how to help these kids.

Heart4Haiti2.wordpress is doing a good job exposing the unbelievable conditions of this Caribbean island. Haiti is a place where people go hungry on a daily basis. Children are suffering for lack of food, water, and education. Yet, Haiti is a neighbor to our country, the U.S.A.

Sponsorandfeedachild program sponsors have been willing to help their kids' families rebuild or repair their homes in most situations. So far, 6 children are being helped through this sponsorship program. More sponsors are needed. If you want to sponsor a kid, contact us at sponsorachildemail at

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