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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Priest Gerard Jean-Juste Is Feeding Kids in Cite Soleil

Haitian school children expect to get a meal, a hot lunch at school. Haitian school principals report they have no problems of absenteism, attendance issues such as cutting school and violence. Students come to school to learn and get fed. Many times, the meal they receive from school is the only one they are going to have for the whole day. Now with diminishing food donations, schools and church-based schools may not be able to help feed the hungry students. International organizations are looking for food donations. Churches are asking for help from whomever can understand the crisis. SponsorandFeedaChild wants to give you the opportunity to help. You can decide to support this organization with your donations. You can sponsor just one child and make sure that he/she goes to school where he/she'll receive a meal.

Other organizations that are working with children in this crisis are:

World Vision International etc.

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