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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Welcome to Sponsor and Feed a Child: The Blog That Covers News for Social Change and Combats Hunger and Ignorance

SponsorandFeedaChild's goal is to bring awareness of the huge problems of hunger and illiteracy that exist in many Latin American countries such as Haiti, Salvador and others. SponsoreandFeedaChild covers some of the organizations that are helping make a difference in these parts of the world. On this blog, you will find pictures of needy children and parents who want help to start a small business that may be able to help their families. You will find pictures of children who need to be fed, clothed and sent to school. You will also find ways to help these children. You will be able to break the yoke of poverty one child at a time. SponsorandFeedachild will travel to countries such as Haiti and the Dominican Republic to document the dire situations of children and their parents. It will give you the means and mechanisms to help more than one of them if you choose to do so. For just what it will cost you to eat at a fast-food restaurant in the U.S.A and other European countries, you will be able to make the difference in these kids' lives.

Now that many countries are facing with a major food crisis, many parents will have nothing to feed their children. They will have to go without for many days. The limited food donations provided by some churches and schools will not be sufficient. Here is your chance to help today!

If you want to contribute to SponsorandFeedaChild, you can use the link below:

Help Feed a Child Now

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