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Monday, December 7, 2009

Sponsor a School, a Teacher, a Child or an Old Man for Christmas

Help This Teacher Buy Supplies for His School! Lend a hand to an Old Man!

If you are looking for a good cause to participate in, SponsorandFeedaChild Program, based in Haiti, offers you many opportunities to help somebody in need. You can choose to help a teacher get a paycheck which he or she so deserves. This way, the teacher will be able to feed his/her own family. You can choose to send a donation to a school where the students will be able to benefit from the books and supplies that the teacher can buy. During my visit to Haiti last year, I witnessed the lack of basic supplies such as pencil, paper and mother class materials that were missing.

I had to visit my former teacher who introduced me to his class. Believe me on this. The classroom needs were evident. Your donation will help supply this classroom. I also visited two other schools for the short time I was there. Each one of the school could receive some donations. Some students were sent to the principal's office because they did not have textbooks to study and do their homework. I saw five students who were kept in the Principal's office for this reason.

You can choose to sponsor a child so he/she can buy the right uniform, textbooks and supplies. Haitian students wear uniforms to school. Many parents can not afford to buy them. So when you make a contribution, all the proceeds will go to the school, child or school teacher. Our group of dedicated volunteers makes sure the designated individual or entity receives the money to change their situation. We, volonteers, participate in this endeavor by making a donation in the forms of transfer fees which we pay. We become partners this way.

You can also choose to sponsor an old man who has few relatives left to take care of him. The relatives he has are also going through harsh economic times and are unable to feed their own family, let alone another mouth.

If you are looking to sponsor a child, a teacher or a school for Christmas, take a look at SponsorandFeedaChild Program this year.

There are other organizations that you may check out., SponsorandFeedaChild Program based in Haiti.……… has a new story about

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