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Sunday, December 6, 2009

SponsorandFeedaChild Program: Why Do We, Volunteers, Do What We Do?

SponsorandFeedaChild Program volunteers feel motivated to speak and work on behalf of the voiceless because they do not want to be considered accomplices in the plight of hunger, diseases and other devastations that plague third world countries. We believe that the children need a voice. Some of us were once like them. We got a voice from somebody who decided to do something to change our situation. A good number of us are here today because somebody gave us a helping hand.

If you travel to Haiti and other third world countries, you will be tormented for a while by the level of poverty and desperation you will encounter both in the capital city of Haiti, Port-Au-Prince and especially in the provinces or countryside. Some parents want to work, but there is no job creation. Even when they work the fields, lack of rain and modern agriculture methods or hurricanes do not allow the lands to provide a good yield. For example, the arable lands in the Plateau Central, St Marc, Artibonite, went to the sea due to the recent floodings. Everywhere you turn in Haiti, there are needs. Kids need to go to school. They need to eat. Teachers need to know that their hard classroom work will be rewarded by a paycheck at the end of the month.

These are some of the reasons we do what we do willingly. We want kids to hope again. We want them to be in school and fed at least one good meal. We want to help them get some level of healthcare. That is why we continue to be their voice on this site.

What can you do to help?

You can help us meet these needy kids' needs. If you can not contribute directly, you may tell your friends and others about the problems of this country. For many years, the solutions were left in the hands of governments that promise to send aid and a huge check. What we know is that despite the good intentions of the donor countries, some or most of that aid gets squandered and wasted. And the people who need it the most never benefit from it. It is time that we individuals get involved on an individual basis. People to People, we can reach out to the needy kids and their parents.

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