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Saturday, December 6, 2008

How to Sponsor a Child (Haiti): Organizations That Can Help You Sponsor a Child

Here is a list of organizations that can help you find a child to sponsor. (Make a wish foundation) (Children International) (World Vision YouTube's Sponsor a Child)

I like New Missions's partnership with sponsors. They show the benefits of sponsoring a child. Visit their website if you want to get more info.

Sponsored Child Program Benefits

1. Christian education
We are educating students from preschool through college. Our teachers begin each school day with Bible classes. We also have the New Missions High School and The Royal Caribbean Institute training Haitians in the areas of Business, Bible, and Education.
2. Nutritious meal each day
Each school day our elementary students receive a hot meal. This is often the only meal these children will have each day.
3. Medical care and regular health check-ups
Our medical clinic is staffed with Christian health workers, including a pharmacists, lab, technician, dentist, nurses, doctor, and visiting medical teams that do specialized work, such as minor surgeries and restorative dental work, eye exams and eyeglass fittings. We administer care from basic first aid to disease prevention for our students and their families.
4. School books
Our elementary students receive their own textbooks. In a country where 80 percent of the population is illiterate, these books are treasured by our students.
5. School uniform
Our elementary students are provided with a school uniform each year. Clothes for their children are not easily afforded by Haitian families; these uniforms assure that our students will be able to come to school well dressed. At the same time, the colors of the uniforms help to distinguish that they are in a New Missions school.
6. Photo Indentification Card
Each student has a photo identification card that is used when receiving gifts and correspondence from his or her sponsor. This card assures that each child maintains an active role with New Missions. For the most students, this is the only photo identification they have.
7. Letter correspondence
You may write to your child. Corresponding with your child by sending letters, cards, and photos of you and your family enables a special bond between of friendship to develope between you and your child.
8. Birthday and Christmas gift fund
Special money gifts for your child's birthday are received in a fund based program. These gifts can be sent along with your monthly support to celebrate their special occasion. the fund provides all students with Christmas gifts and special holiday celebrations, helping each child feel special and loved.
9. Sunday school programs and local churches
Eighteen churches with Sunday school programs have been established in the various communities surrounding New Missions, enabling Bordmer, Brache, Concrab, LaSalle, two in Leogane, two in Flanc, Masson, Signeau, and TiRiviere.
10. Missionaries working together with your child
Ever since New Missions began in 1983, missionaries have been in the field woring with our school programs and churches.
11. Recent photographs of your child
You can request a recent photograph of your child at any time. The photograph will come assembled in a frame complete with biographical information of your child.
12. Personal visit with your child in Haiti
You are encouraged to come to Haiti to visit New Missions and have the opportunity to meet your sponsored child. Meeting and talking with your child is an exciting time and creates a lasting memory for both you and your child.

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