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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Kids Adopting and Feeding Hungry, Needy Kids: Places Where You Can Find Hungry, Cold Children to Sponsor and Adopt

Please keep writing to us at SponsorandFeedaChild! Since we started this project, we have received hundreds of messages from parents as well as ordinary people seeking information on the problems of poverty amid our children. While we concentrate on Haitian children or while we want to create and build this awareness about the plight of Haitian children, we know that children have pressing needs even in our towns, cities such as New Orleans etc. With the worsening of the economy, more and more children will be going into poverty.

Here is a summary list of places where kids are getting involved in the project of helping other children. How about us, adults? What are we doing to help a needy kid?

Some of the countries that come to our mind are:

1. Haiti (Children living in the mountains, Gonaives floodings due to hurricanes, the slums of Cite Soleil. these children are affected by food scarcity, frequent upheavals and political regime changes)

2. Bangladesh and India (Children living in the slums of Calcuta and Mombai etc.)

3. Brasil: Children living in the flavelas of major cities

4. San Salvador and Guatemala: These children are recruited by MS drug dealers and gang members

5. Argentina: Children looking for food in the garbage piles

6. Liberia: Children who are affected by fighting.

7. Congo: Children are affected and displaced by internal fighting, wars etc.

8. Sudan: Wars, fighting, famine, drought etc

9. Various cities and communities of the U.S.A such as New Orleans, Mendota, CA, Madera, CA etc.

Feel free to suggest more countries and communities to add to this list. Together, we can make a difference!

This is what SponsorandFeedaChild is all about. We want to help those who can not help themselves yet. The kids are our future. We need to help them now.

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