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Thursday, December 4, 2008

SponsorandFeedaChild: How to Adopt A Haitian Student, A Haitian Teacher or A Hatian School

These three girls love school. They want to complete their education, but paying for school supplies and school fees poses a huge problem. Just like any teenagers, they want to take care of themselves and buy their supplies. They would like to find a sponsor willing to adopt them. By adopting them, the sponsor will send them a stipend so they can afford to pay their school fees.

I visited this school while I was in Haiti. I know this very dedicated teacher. The classroom he is teaching in is very bare. It has no decorations and required materials. While it is compulsory to wear uniforms, many of the kids may not have textbooks to study and notebooks to do their homework in. Kids were asking me for pens and pencils. I felt so ashamed because I did not have enough to give to them. This teacher and the school can use some help. If you would like to contribute to his monthly salary, please let us know. Haitian teachers can go many months without a paycheck. We can do something about keeping dedicated teachers in the classroom.

This young man in the above picture is a good student. He can speak French, Creole, and English. Well, let us say he is working on his English. He wants to take English classes so he can improve his communication. Textbooks are expensive. Finding a good teacher is not cheap. If you want to support this young man in his pursuit of his education, please let us know.

Just mention any of the above requests in your email to us, write to us at sponsorachildemail at Or use the Paypal link on the right to make a donation to any of them.

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