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Sunday, January 24, 2010

What's SponsorandFeedaChild all About? Interested Sponsors Find Ways to Help Needy Haitian Children

Updates on Jan. 12/2010: Haiti is the land of unlimited opportunities -i.e.- opportunities to reach out to needy Haitian children made orphans and shelterless by the earthquake's devastation

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Answers to your questions: How Much Does It Take to Sponsor A Haitian Child? Short answer: As much as you can contribute on a monthly basis without feeling pressured.

Here is the long answer to the above question.

Thanks for contacting us. If you look in our archives, you will find some of the children who are seeking sponsors. We only published a few of them. However, we have a whole list of children who have not been matched with a sponsor yet.

Please tell us a little bit about yourself so we can match you with a child. We can always send you a picture of a needy Haitian child and related information. You can choose to sponsor the child by contributing as much as $1000 or as much as you want or as little as $25 per month. Frankly, most of our sponsors are not rich people. They are regular people like you and me. They make small contributions. We like steady small contributions. If you had the large one, it would be OK too.

You can make your contributions by using Paypal or Obopay on

Or you can decide to send us a check which will expedite the transaction. Once we receive the funds, we deposit them and pay the transfer fees to make sure the money is in the hands of your child's parents the same or very next day, but not later than a week. (Well, Founder and servant leader, Mr. Charles, pays the transfer fees out of his pockets!!!!).

None of your contribution goes to administrative overhead costs. Our volunteer field directors and agents make sure that the family spends some of it on the child's education needs and food. Some of our sponsors occasionally make a substantial contribution to a specific project. For example, a few sponsors sent money to their child's parents so they can repair their home destroyed by the recent hurricane season or for specific holidays.

SponsorandFeedaChild Program is a startup for good network founded by a group of American professionals of European, African, Asian and Caribbean descent. We believe we can make a differece in one child's life at a time. With your support, more than 6 children can be reached and lifted up from the grips of dire poverty that Haiti has known. Our small group reflects such a rich diversity. Among us, we have so many college degrees. What will all these degrees be worth if children are still dying not too far from our borders, if we can not even help feed or clothe them?

In our pursuit of money and prosperity offered by our country, a few of us have stopped to look back at those we left behind a long time ago. They want a helping hand from us. After all, they are our forgotten neighbors! We are ready to form a grassroots organization to help them. Together we, the people of the United States and other countries of the world, can bring change to Haiti one child at a time thanks to SponsorandFeedachild Program!

Since the inception of, change is dripping to Haiti. Joy, laughter, and smile are brought back to the few fortunate sponsored children's faces. We want this organization to continue to reach out to these needy children.

SponsorandFeedaChild is a project from the heart. Once you join us, you will feel the need to tell your friends or enemies, co-workers and other family members about us. The occasional updates you will receive from your kids will be worth all the efforts.

If you can not join us to help a kid now, please pass on the message to somebody else who may sponsor a needy child.

Write to us at


Servant Leader, Founder, Mr. Joseph Charles

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