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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

2010 Haitian Earthquake Death Toll Estimate

According to various local sources, the Haitian quake death toll will be high. When everybody wakes up tomorrow morning, the reality of this powerful earthquake wll be felt all around Port-Au-Prince. From Carrefour to Petionville, a suburb in the mountains above the capital, the cries for help and rescue will be heard.

So far, President Preval and Ban KiMoun are talking about more than 70,000 people who lost their lives. Among the foreigners, there is a large group of Canadians. (More updates will follow here)

Right now, rescue troups and helpers have been going to most of the affected areas to try to rescue people trapped under tons of debris. From Hotel CHristopher, UN headquarters to Hotel Montana and countless other private residences and publich residences, the rescue mission -but not the recovery phase- continues to find surviors. The chances are minimal, but the rescuers do not seem to stop easily. As long as the rescue dogs and sophisticated instruments indicate there are signs of life, the search continues. Rescuers went to Leogane, located on the west side of Port au Prince for students and kids at two large schools.

There have been some 13 or more aftershocks. Each one of them causes as much fear as possible to the survivors. While neighbors are trying to rescue their neighbors by digging with their bare hands, they are running away from the near-collapsed buildings. But they do not want to give up. They want to rescue a mother and her children. They know they are still alive underneath the rubbles. They can hear their cry for help.

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