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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Haitians Living Overseas Are Watching Quake Development: Bolosse, Matissant, Carrefour and Fontamara Heavily Impacted

According to two bank workers, friends of mine, the areas that go from L'avenue de l'exposition, Bolosse, Matissant, Fontamara and Carrefour are heavily impacted. The streets are cracked. Some of the houses are leaning over the streets. Those which were built in the hills suffer significant damages. The worst thing that happened is that many people are buried alive in many of them. Haiti lacks equipment to deal with this large scale disaster. Many observers only have to go back to 2008 when a school collapse required the intervention of foreign help to rescue them.

Considering how many shantytowns exist in Port-Au-Prince, it will be hard to go from house to house to rescue trapped Haitians.

According to two reports coming from Fontamara and Carrefour, the buildings which were built recently or in the last few years withstood the forces of the quake better than others. Obviously, there were many collateral damages as the buildings were built close to each other. In Fontamara, some residential homes fared better than others.

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