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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Learn Haitian Creole to Effectively and Efficiently Help Haitians Rebuild Haiti

Haitian American man, from California, has the brilliant idea of using his expertise in French, Creole, Spanish and English to teach Creole in No Time to aid workers who will eventually depart for Haiti.

As people are rushing to help Haitians entombed in their own homes or stuck under piles of debris and rubbles after the 7.0 quake hit the country, Mr. Charles is using his knowledge of Spanish, English and Creole in a very social media and iTunes, iPod-savvy way. He realized that he can not be there with the first responders, but they can listen to him wherever they turn in Haiti. Equipped with an MP3 player, these first responders can connect with the mass of Haitians who only speak Creole. They can learn to converse with them in the only language all Haitians speak. Creole is the main means of communications among the mass.

For Mr. Charles, there is such an urgency. After watching the US news media and networks such as CBS, ABC, NBC and CNN, he came to the conclusion that a fast crash course of Creole is needed for the millions of rescuers and helpers who will continue to go to Haiti.

Mr. Charles is not charging anybody for the course. He only requests donations to help defray the high costs of bandwith.

He welcomes any assistance in getting this project started. He also added that missionaries will be able to use this tool long after Haiti has been rebuilt and that the last rescuers and builders leave the country.

Using the Internet, Twitter, Facebook, podcast, blogs and any other ways, Mr. Charles is contributing to the rebuilding of his country where his parents are homeless these days.

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